Capri Sun Love

On a hot sunny afternoon, no feeling beats the taste of a cold Capri sun gliding down the tongue as you suck on the classic orange straw till your senses are reawakened from the happy world you are momentarily lost in by the cool gush of air indicating that the content of the pack is finished. Feeling cheated and teased by this short burst of happiness in a pack, you contemplate getting another pack to relive the fleeting euphoria you just experienced.

However, one thing stands in your way: no feeling beats the first pack of Capri sun consumed. Buying another cold pack would simply not offer you as much satisfaction as the first pack. In the social sciences, economists explain this away with a theory of utility known to them as the law of diminishing marginal utility. From this point of view, the satisfaction or utility derived from the consumption of an extra unit of a commodity reduces as consumption of the commodity increases. Put simply, there can be no better satisfaction than the first pack of Capri sun.

Knowing this, you choose to deny yourself the satisfaction of an extra pack so you can revel in all the goodness of the first pack. This was exactly how my love for her went.



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